PS3 Trophies


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - PlayStation 2

Probably one of the best Grand Theft Auto games around, with its huge world and amazing 90's music this game delivers a great deal in a small PS2 disc. Though that's not to say GTA IV was a flop, it was just that San Andreas had so many things that you could do. I was so excited as hell when the game first came out, I actually happened to get it a day early than those who were waiting for their reserved copy at Gamestop.

When I first played the game I was really amazed at how the neighborhoods looked, the first area was vast expanding all the way through the country side, some of the cities in the game were pretty much carbon copies of the actual city like San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The game was visually amazing at the time as nobody could imagine that the game had a huge environment including the huge mountain on the first area called Mount Chiliad which is the best way to escape from the cops, also its fun to drive cars, bikes or tanks off the mountain and watch how far you're able to drive off it.

With its amazing Soundtrack they released a Box set just like they did with Vice City. It ranged from Country, Rap, R&B, Rock, and Reggae. Just like Vice City they brought back well known artists like Bobby Brown, Eddie Money, Rod Stewart, SWV, Soundgarden, Rick James, and Kool and The Gang.

Though the game spawn racial tension as most gamers already hated the whole black thing and the Boyz in the hood style storyline. It was something totally new for the GTA series.

I think what most gamers didn't like was the music as they mostly complained about how they hated the whole gangster rap type genre and wished that they brought back most of the music that was introduced on Vice City.

But...what young kiddies should understand is that's what the 90's were about especially on the West Coast, with the whole gang wars in Los Angeles so making a game in that era in that area was amazingly depicted in this game. So most young 14 year olds who play this game today will never be able to understand the era, just like how young kids didn't understand GTA Vice City's era with the clothing and the gay macho man look.

I'm glad that it got the scores that it received, I would imagine it would be game of the year as well because of how many people it attracted and how many people hated it because of the way GTA was going at the time. I would be so happy if they would make a GTA type game set in San Andreas because this would give the developers a new way of creating a realistic city on a next gen console.

Star Wars Battlefront - PlayStation 2

A classic game, not even sure if the online works on it still, last time I tried to go online with this game it asked me to save some kind of 1MB patch, sucks that the 8MB memory card can save so very little.

I actually bought this game used at Gamestop while in my stay in Oregon its a game I thought I should own since my older brother said no to letting me have his copy of the game so it was best to just have my own copy of the game, and then I made a backup of it so I can play the fuck out of my backup.

But anyways this game is a little different as compared to Battlefront II due to many reasons, they added some really cool things to the second one but when you go from the second game to the first game you tend to see what was added and what wasn't added to the second game such as the crawling on the floor, and you can't do the forward roll like you could on the second game.

But the graphics and pretty much some of the sounds transfer over the only thing I glad didn't return were the levels where you had to fight Gungans, hearing their voices are so god damn annoying especially when you are trying to attack one. "Oh no.. Wesa being attacked" Also the lack of playable Jedi and villains is what makes the first Battlefront a bit boring if you played the 2nd one but never had the chance to play the 1st game.

It might just be me but when I played I found it very annoying that whenever I tried to attack enemies my fucking team just goes right in front of my beams and kill themselves and thus giving me a negative kill for them being fucking stupid.

But I enjoy it, the game is really fun and I think that I'll never NEVER grow tired of Battlefront like I've grown tired of some of my PS2 games that I have. I think in time once they come out with a third Battlefront for the PS3 it will be more popular on the next gen console giving players new abilities yet giving them yet again more ways to find glitches and flaws to get wins online.

But hey thank god Gamestop is good for something having all these good games to buy, I wouldn't recommend trading in your games though because I seriously think they suck at it, and they rip you off. I'm surprised that this game is 17 dollars when I bought it at Gamestop in Oregon, even the other day I saw this very same game yet the case was in better condition at the local Gamestop.

This game is definitely a buy if you enjoyed the Star Wars series and have yet to play the Battlefront games.