PS3 Trophies


Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box

Decided to purchase The Ultimate Box on PS Store, it was worth the download but the game ended up being 3GB I know that it would of been better to just buy it off Amazon and get the disc based content but I figured I did not want to even go and purchase the game used at some Gamespot or have to wait a week until this game came in the mail from Amazon.

I've played previous Burnout games and it seemed that the only thing they did not seem to have were downloadable content from PSN or Live. So when I purchased it I had no idea what I was expecting, with The Ultimate Box you get a ton of extra content including Cop Cars, Toy Cars, Legendary Cars, Motorcycles and a few Boost Cars along with that.

Also you can download extra things to it as well such as a Party Pack which allows up to 8 Players in Single mode do various types of activities such as Speed Runs, Stunt Jumps or other things that will help you out at parties.

Also for the PlayStation 3 this game has the most trophies that I've ever seen on any kind of game. I pretty much have about 98% of the trophies this is excluding the Island pack which hasn't been released yet as of May 22nd, 2009. Only three trophies left for this game for me to get 100% until the Island pack which will set me back to 90%. I need to purchase a PlayStation Eye camera so I could take a mug shot to someone on an online game and have to take a picture of every person on the Party Pack this will eventually give me the Platinum trophy making it number 3.

Now back to the game. It's visually nice graphic wise, the cars are awesome and the sound is amazing. The best part about this game is if you get tired of the shitty music you can play your own music on the game it's best to make your own Play list so you're playing the game without having to worry about not running out of music that you play from within the PS3 hard drive.

Each event is at each intersection on the game, you get tons of different events the more events you finish or win it helps you out with getting a certain Driver's License, once you reach your Burnout License you can continue on to get the Elite License but that does take a lot of hard work which I have yet to accomplish on the game.

If you get tired of driving cars you can drive the many cars that the game offers such as Bikes and DLC cars that you purchase from PSN Store. This game is amazing and now I know why they are keeping it alive with DLC because it helps make the game better and better. Lots of people play this online too, so if you ever want to go online to play you'll never get tired of playing with different people, just make sure you know how to accept the Freeburn or Timed Challenges that the host puts up in the Lobby.

One last thing a hint for anyone reading this up to this point. If you do want to get all the Trophies on the game it's best not to use the Bike, as it glitches TWO trophies that require you to get a Platinum Trophy, those are winning 10 Freeburn Challenges and winning 10 Timed Challenges, the game requires a car for you to get those two trophies by using the Bike you just fucked your game up as it causes some sort of glitch which it doesn't give you the trophy for Timed or Freeburn challenge no matter how many challenges you complete you will not get the trophy because of this Bike glitch, they still haven't fixed it.

Best solution is to back your game up on a USB Flash Drive and then delete your old game on the PS3 Hard drive have a friend help you out with getting the two trophies, once you get them you can go back to having your old saved game back onto your PS3 so it will go back to the way it was.

Grand Theft Auto IV - Revisited

This time I have a video to help out the weird game play that this game still possesses. I haven't really gone back to playing online because I figured a lot of people would already be on Level 10 and deadly assassins. I think if I kept on doing the one Co-Op mission Hang Man's NOOSE I would of reached level 10 but its OK as I have other games to play besides GTA IV, this game was really my first game on my PS3 and so I played it to death I would still find it fun to play with friends online but they seem to be busy with other things like getting Burnout Paradise Trophies and things.

I've been playing another game that has been winning me over in the action adventure genre, that would be Saints Row 2 I'll have to get a video up of that soon but the reason why GTA IV lacks so much as compared to SR2 is that there's not much CO-OP feel. You get a chance to have three missions but that's not a enough to make this game gold with me. If they added a way of playing CO-OP with a friend then the game would surpass Saints Row 2.

There are still plenty of things to do on GTA IV but it really weighs out with both games. GTA IV has all the eye candy type graphics that make the game beautiful visually but when it comes to features Saints Row 2 beats the game to a pulp. You can do so much on the game such as mini games which can be addicting and funny I know GTA IV tried to pass off as a real life type game by adding all these physics and car damage but I feel that more and more people are taking notice to the fun factor of Saints Row 2 and leaving offline of GTA IV, I only heard that GTA IV's online is a ghost town and hardly anyone on there.

I also feel that if they brought the DLC that 360 has to PS3 then it would be great to have, I kept hearing rumor that their liscense for the DLC will end in sometime and that if they wanted to keep those rights they had to pay more money for it. I'm pretty sure that is just bullshit from PS3 fanboys but if it is true I'll definitely try to see if I can purchase it, since I already purchased a shit load of stuff for Burnout Paradise and Singstar.