PS3 Trophies


PlayStation Home

Well I never could understand why Home was so popular, but many people say it's great when interacting with other PS3 gamers and be able to interact with someone and make a new friend instead of having someone mysteriously adding you when you have no idea who the hell they are. I think that when it comes to PlayStation Home it indeed makes things easier for you to interact with a friend by text or by using voice chat which seems to only work now in private areas (Apartment, Summer House) the only draw back is that there are things on this game that probably not many people would risk paying for such as a Summer House.

If you managed to take part in the Beta testing when Home was originally released you'd be lucky to get a great deal of items including a Summer House and the ability to make a Free Club. But now they screwed over the people who made Free Clubs and now they deleted them, having the person pay at least 4.99 or I think 5.99 to create a new club which gives you 30 members max and a club house with useless shit including the big screen TV in front of the room which hopefully will be put to good use later on in the future.

Another thing that sucks are the young little kids who love to fuck around on there, going around saying "Fags" to people, well when you look at the homophobes their avatar looks like a bigger queen than yours which is stupid, the report function hardly works unless at least 5 other people report the same person, thus giving you a warning, if you get reported many times there will be an invisible mod wondering around checking activity in that server it being the Bowling Alley, or the Plaza.

You'll know when a mod is near because if you make any kind of offensive thing that violates the TOS they will warn you, and if they continue to warn you through text then they start telling you that banning you from PS Home ruins your PlayStation Network account as well which means you can't use the PlayStation Store or buy shit because you were banned from it. So the mods are indeed watching your every step except for Private areas, it has not been confirmed if they are indeed spying on you and your privacy but you can never know until it finally happens.

Last week there was a small little get together if any of you who are apart of any gay community and was invited to this little party on Home would of attended an amazing event, the only bad thing is that whenever you arrived in the Gamer's Lounge you'd either be sent to a different server or you would of been sent to the right server where all the gays were. I wish there was a higher population of Bears on this or else we would of been able to get around and huddle in our little bear group and show those skinny bitches how a chub or a bear dances.

I only managed to capture the after party of the server I was in, while there are other videos floating around YouTube of different times of the party. You might catch me dancing at the beginning of the video. Enjoy.

Now on to other things. The only thing I don't like is that they have a poor selection of facial features, they have a beard but it's not as great looking as an average beard you'd see on a bear that might look realistic. Sony definitely has no idea how a REAL beard is suppose to look like, also they have no idea what the hell a goatee looks like either as they only give you facial features of a half goatee, a little beck of hair on the bottom of your chin, and a few other features, but NOT a full on goatee. FAIL!

It just feels that Sony took out all the best parts of Home and gave us an unfinished game where it takes FOREVER to get into a game of Pool or a game of Bowling where people will continue to play forever and ever to where you can NEVER have the chance to play with your friends.

Also it seems Japan has the best shit on Home while North America gets crap items and features, Europe has better shit than North America as well as they had this small little mini event where they let you go on a Treasure Hunt for codes, the only thing we got was some shitty Red Bull thing where you fly planes to get better times than your friends. Let's just hope they add the stuff we want like the music and video why have a TV in the club house if all it's going to do is just sit there.

I thought Sony was smarter than that to work around the copyright issue.

Resident Evil 5 Demo - PlayStation 3

I was surprised at how well the game looks, 360 had it's demo out almost two weeks ago while the PS3 was just getting it last week.

The demo gives you two things areas to play with, it doesn't tell you the whole entire story just that you already met Sheva and that you're already fighting against the villagers who spot you in a house during a cut scene. I was amazed at the graphics and the way the controls feel, the only thing I don't like is the shooting, you have to completely stand still in order to shoot and you're basically having to turn your aim over slowly when he's trying to shoot enemies that might be at the corner of him.

With Sheva she can be some use and help when telling you that you have guys behind you ready to attack you, but then other times she can really get in the way especially when running from the enemy, she might get caught up with a boss slamming her against the ground with his weapon or even a villager grabbing her and screaming for your help. It's almost like having Ashley but this time she helps you fight off the plague.

Also the bad part is that your partner will waste a lot of ammo and if you are low on ammo yourself the only best solution is to give her your ammo and just stab villagers to death with your knife. Conserving ammo is probably the key to staying alive but then again with Resident Evil 5 you still don't get that survival horror feeling when playing through as you're basically playing through the day again just like in Resident Evil 4, I think most of the new comers to the Resident Evil series like the RE 4 gameplay so it was no brainer that Resident Evil 5 would basically be a carbon copy of RE 4 but with beautiful graphics and stronger enemies.

Thank god that this is in Dolby Digital 5.1, though I'm sure if I had 7.1 it would be in Dolby Digital 7.1 as well. I seriously need to upgrade but within time I'm sure that things will change for me and I'll be upgrading my entertainment setup.