PS3 Trophies


Bear Gamer Intro

Thought I would design a gamer bear Intro for my videos on my GamerBears account on YouTube, I will pretty much use this on all my videos excluding DreamcastLover, and VideoGamerJunkie. Enjoy.

Beats of Rage - Sega Dreamcast

Those games that you never thought would make it to a Dreamcast or a PS2 really does. Beats of Rage, tons of people really wanted to see a Streets of Rage 4, but with the power of game design, and the ability to play burnt games on a Modded PS2 or a normal Dreamcast the ability to play this kind of game is not imaginary after all.

When I heard about this game Beats of Rage I had to search for it, since I knew Dreamcast would play burnt games without the use of a mod chip then I found this game and ended up downloading it.

The game looks just like Streets of Rage 2, even has some of the music tracks of the actual game, giving you a better remix with actual artists. The animation is amazing and it's a must download if you do have a Dreamcast lying around or even an emulator and a computer powerful enough to play it. (Kisses Dreamcast) I'll love it until it dies.

Though you could play this on a PS2 as well you might run into the problem of having to mod it first if you haven't already. I think it's good that the Dreamcast still lives on with it's amazing ability to play games then you can find those rare Dreamcast games that you've never even heard about, then your library just keeps growing and growing. NICE!

Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix (Dreamcast Edition) - Sega Dreamcast

I wasn't sure if this actually was released in the U.S. but the one I had was a Japanese version of the game which probably had less dance remixes, though that's probably because I played it on easy when I did the video capturing for it.

Don't you love it when you go to your local movie theater and they have some sort of Konami game playing out loud, then when you here that amazing chime when the Konami Logo pops up?

Then after that you hear that gay rave music in the background, I have no seen many people play this game, not sure if they still making them but I think they were releasing a new Disney version of Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii, expect to see shit from High School Musical, no Disneyland theme music like from the rides.

I'm so tired of that High School Musical bullshit! Ugh! But anyways enough about Disney this is about Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix Dreamcast Edition, damn what a long ass name for a game but I guess just making it DDR 2nd Mix Dream Edition is nice and sweet. Even though I wasn't even sure if this game was released in U.S. I figured I would play the Japan version, though I did not have the Dance Pad it probably would of been harder than doing it on the Dreamcast controller.

I really loved this game but I know my fat bear ass would have a mini attack half way through the song, I remember playing DDR at some small local amusement park, it got me all hot and bothered not only was it on in the Arcade Room but just dancing made things so UGH! lol but seriously this is an awesome game and I just wish I could of been able to play more of these games and possibly own sing star but I would feel embarrassed to even sing in my own house with my parents wondering around.

Donald Duck - Quack Attack! - Sega Dreamcast

I figured not only would it be nice to show off new PS3 or Wii games I figured I would show some games back from the past. Those games that you never would imagined playing when you had the older generation of consoles.

Though it was released on PS2, N64 and the original PlayStation this game is a classic, it was indeed released on the Sega Dreamcast a console that was just starting out in the next generation of consoles, the video was faster and the graphics seemed to be up to par.

When playing it on the older generation N64 and PSOne you could certainly tell a big difference in gameplay and perhaps video. Since the PSOne was able to play FMV the N64 could not thus it relied on 3D cut scenes to achieve something that the PSOne and then later on the Dreamcast could do.

This is for the Sega Dreamcast by the way I'm not going to talk about the N64 or even the PS2 even though the PS2 did improve in video quality during cut scenes. I think this game was very underrated but it's not really fitting for the hardcore gamer, if any of you were lucky to play it on either gaming console then you'll know how great it was to play the full game and understand how it was to play a full 3D Disney Adventure game.