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Resident Evil (Remake) - Nintendo Gamecube

The game that started it all but remade to fit the standards of Gamecube's graphics and sound. This is probably the best looking Resident Evil game of the last generation of consoles. Sadly this game never made it to PlayStation 2 but it was on the Gamecube a system I didn't think too much of but I had the honor of playing it back when it first came out.

The environment was extremely well detailed maybe a little more detailed as most of the Resident Evil games out there with little to no movements. This is no Resident Evil 4, the graphics pretty much stayed the same way as the original Resident Evil game but gave it quite an interesting upgrade when it came to how the zombies moved, looked and attacked.

With the additional storyline that adds to the game you find out more about what's going on in the Spencer Estate Mansion and you learn more about some of the monsters including Lisa Trevor an experiment gone wrong. You even come across more areas in the mansion that the original never showed, like being able to go outside the back of the mansion or into the deep spooky woods of Raccoon Forest to find a strange cottage home of Lisa Trevor.

What I found most interesting is how the voice acting still sucks in the game, they could of hired a better experienced voice actor and actresses to play the parts, Wesker never sounded so original in my life even though Richard Waugh was not the one playing him I felt Wesker was just some typical asshole who wanted to create the most powerful biological weapon. I don't get how Richard Waugh plays Wesker in Resident Evil Zero but then a completely terrible voice actor voices him in Remake.

Once you beat the game you get some pretty awesome guns, and cool features like Forest chasing you around or more like stalking you around the mansion and you can't shoot him or else he'll explode because he has grenades around him making it impossible to even touch him. Another great part was the addition of the best fucking zombie ever the Crimson Head. Even though they are zombies that regenerate after they've been killed by the player they surely make an interesting appearance when you come across their dead body again later on in the game and they awake but faster, stronger and more creepy looking.

If they ever decide to make a Resident Evil 2 Remake from the looks of it they already decided to make Darkside Chronicles it is most likely we won't be seeing a RE 2 Remake, but if they did the gameplay they should use is from RE Remake that way it will look just like the original Resident Evil 2 game but with updated graphics, also they need to seriously take out that bad ass Leon rendering because in Resident Evil 2 on PS1 Leon looked so original he looked like he gave a rat's ass about people, but if they decide to make the Leon in Darkside Chronicles like the Leon Kennedy in Degeneration all hope will be lost. Could you imagine Leon being like that in DC? Ada is there holding on to dear life and Leon stands there and says "Let go, you lied to me you stupid bitch, I could care less about you Ada"

Leon isn't even sexy anymore he's so bitter that he makes Simon Cowell look like a positive person. Ditch that Leon Degeneration attitude and he'll be a liked character again.

Endless Ocean

Ah Endless Ocean that game that I bought for 30 bucks off Amazon. It was a really nice game but I found myself being bored to death with it, not only was I bored because I was playing by myself but nobody has the fucking game! I came real close to finally playing with someone on GayGamer but then his interest died down when he forgot all about the whole offer we even exchanged Friend Codes and I went on the game and added him, I went diving leaving up my Gate so he can come on down to my boat but it never happened.

There you go some game play video of me playing the damn thing, I'm not sure if Gamespot has better quality than YouTube, well I have both tons of gameplay on both YouTube and Gamespot so let the good times roll!

The game is very relaxing if you're suffering from some kind of stress like if you don't want to go around killing people on Saint's Row 2 or GTA 4 but you just want to relax than putting on this game may help you out with the stresses of every day life. The fun part is if you have an SD card you can put a few MP3 songs onto it and listen to your own soundtrack, pretty nifty huh? They need to put this feature on more Wii games as it's always lovely to be diving into the ocean listening to your own favorite songs or even music from other games.

The graphics are pretty nice for a Wii title, even though you can probably complete the game within a few hours if you play it non stop and know where to go in the game you're able to discover so many new areas within the game and if you go so fast within the game you're bound to miss a few secret things left on the ground like treasures, also the underwater pen is very useful if you decide to find somebody online to play it with. I only managed to play with 1 person on this game, the lack of communication is what killed the online experience for me, at least a keyboard or even an upgrade of Wii Speak would of been a nice addtion for this game, but then again you might come across some pedophile out there to get a hold of kids just like Animal Crossing...

Older people need to realize the rating says "E for Everyone" if it was just for kids then it would of read 'KO- Kid's Only" bastards how dare they call gamers pedophiles if they happen to be over the age of 18 and enjoy a kids game like Rayman Raving Rabbids.