PS3 Trophies


Woof???? Hello? Where Are The Bears!?

I've come to the conclusion and this seems to be a well known fact that most Bear Gamers are apart of the XBox 360 Live Community, I would understand someone who has all three consoles but prefers 360, but people who only prefer playing 360 and only has that system, oh my god such a fanboy. I would buy a 360 but seriously my friend's 360 died about four weeks ago to the Red Ring of Death, and I know Yellow Light of Death exists on PS3 but I'm rarely seeing people with this issue as compared to 360 owners.

I've gone on PlayStation Home and I've had a talk with my friend Jose who thinks that all the bears are hiding, I have no idea where he finds them but it's like every week I meet somebody who is a bear or a chub. It's nice to have him introduce me to people he meets on here but I must say that most of the bears I see on message boards such as they all are highly active on Xbox Live, which makes me believe why do bears prefer Live over PSN, is it because you pay for the membership, the games, they have more RPG games on 360 than PS3 but man give me a break PS3 is also fun too and with Home you're able to be apart of a digital online community where you can communicate through voice chat and text and play games with others and check out their apartment that they created.

It's like going into someone's house sitting down and talking to them about something. Calling all Gamer Bears where in the hell are you guys at?

Grand Theft Auto 4

I wasn't too sure how this game would be like with all the review of gamers showing complete negativity towards it, I know the game isn't perfect with the constant frame drops and laggy online play but I figured I would get use to it.

Plus what a great game to be in Dolby Digital 5.1 and not having to deal with that Dolby Pro Logic II shit you had to deal with on the Wii. The game sounds really nice especially when listening to music so you're not bothered by having to listen to the music coming from the back speakers and only on the front two speakers.

Some of the dialogue comes through the center channel mainly the cut scenes and characters that Niko calls on his cell phone but never Niko, he's played on the side speakers.

Anyways the sound is simply amazing just wish that it was louder so I didn't have to turn raise my volume up high but turn it down low when I fire a pistol or use an Assault Rifle. The graphics are great too but I wonder why the frames are so low when you speed up in a car. Not sure how the 360 version is but I've seen that it plays rather fast with frames per second. The game has only frozen on me once during a mission trying to save Roman from a factory, it kept sticking to the Loading screen for a good two minutes until I had to turn off the system.

I've also talked to one fellow bear gamer and he has the game but it just seems GTA 4 is not on everyone's gaming lists I wonder why, I've always been a fan of GTA series and I thought GTA 4 was really nice with the graphics and the realistic realism in the game like crashing your car and flying through the window or the helicopters basically losing their perpellers when they hit against a building or the ground.

I sort of like the police system but when you're in a high populated area like the second island it becomes harder to lose the police because it seems there are police on ground or on car that will locate you and thus restarting the big circle around your character.

The addition of trophies for the PS3 is nice but sadly I didn't make it in time to get the Liberty Minute Trophy as I fucked around too much and beat the game just last night, so now all I have to do are the stunts, the hidden packages which I finally figured out were the pigeons that you have to kill in certain areas of the city, about 200 hidden packages that is a lot of shit to be honest.

I don't have any videos to show you due to limited time of being busy, but I did record video but I find it time consuming to take it through Sony Vegas and then upload it to YouTube without having to deal with those errors like the video is too big or the video isn't right for YouTube, and since they have the whole copyright shit recording the game and having the music on the game might piss off record labels and cut my video because they heard Heart's Straight On and tell me I have to replace my audio with the song or delete the video. Fuckers....

But back to the game, the only serious frame drops I've experienced was when playing Free Mode on a game we went passed this factory I think it was where the pipes with fire coming out of it, all of a sudden our helicopter went out of control and we fell into the furnice and shit went down to 5 frames per second possibly 10 frames per second it was insane and it stayed like that until I died. I had to kill myself because it was that bad.

With about 20 minutes of figuring out about the mulitiplayer mode we had to use MAX amount of players so whoever I invite in the game would get invited when we start it and nobody else could join the game which was nice. It helps a lot when you just want to play with your friends on Free Mode. I just wish they had cops on Party Mode but I would understand why they don't have cops on it because you can go on a killing spree and not get killed by the cops.

It will take a while for me to get good on the deathmatches online as it seems people are extremely skilled and they can kill you with one bullet when they shoot at you, told to aim for the head and it makes it easier to kill your enemy, I do that but it's incredibly impossible to achieve.

Only beef I have with PS3 and GTA 4 is that they didn't put in game music which sucks because they let 360 freely do this, but then I read somewhere on a message board that only Microsoft has this ability and no other system. Well I guess that sucks, just wish Microsoft would stop giving head to all these gaming companies like Capcom, releasing RE5 early on 360 and we have to wait a week until it comes out on PS3. Such bullshit or even the downloadable game for GTA 4 Lost and Damned. PS3 will never see that ever, I will not buy a 360 just to play that game. I already sold my soul to Microsoft once with Vista, I refuse to do it with 360.