PS3 Trophies


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - PlayStation 2

Probably one of the best Grand Theft Auto games around, with its huge world and amazing 90's music this game delivers a great deal in a small PS2 disc. Though that's not to say GTA IV was a flop, it was just that San Andreas had so many things that you could do. I was so excited as hell when the game first came out, I actually happened to get it a day early than those who were waiting for their reserved copy at Gamestop.

When I first played the game I was really amazed at how the neighborhoods looked, the first area was vast expanding all the way through the country side, some of the cities in the game were pretty much carbon copies of the actual city like San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The game was visually amazing at the time as nobody could imagine that the game had a huge environment including the huge mountain on the first area called Mount Chiliad which is the best way to escape from the cops, also its fun to drive cars, bikes or tanks off the mountain and watch how far you're able to drive off it.

With its amazing Soundtrack they released a Box set just like they did with Vice City. It ranged from Country, Rap, R&B, Rock, and Reggae. Just like Vice City they brought back well known artists like Bobby Brown, Eddie Money, Rod Stewart, SWV, Soundgarden, Rick James, and Kool and The Gang.

Though the game spawn racial tension as most gamers already hated the whole black thing and the Boyz in the hood style storyline. It was something totally new for the GTA series.

I think what most gamers didn't like was the music as they mostly complained about how they hated the whole gangster rap type genre and wished that they brought back most of the music that was introduced on Vice City.

But...what young kiddies should understand is that's what the 90's were about especially on the West Coast, with the whole gang wars in Los Angeles so making a game in that era in that area was amazingly depicted in this game. So most young 14 year olds who play this game today will never be able to understand the era, just like how young kids didn't understand GTA Vice City's era with the clothing and the gay macho man look.

I'm glad that it got the scores that it received, I would imagine it would be game of the year as well because of how many people it attracted and how many people hated it because of the way GTA was going at the time. I would be so happy if they would make a GTA type game set in San Andreas because this would give the developers a new way of creating a realistic city on a next gen console.

Star Wars Battlefront - PlayStation 2

A classic game, not even sure if the online works on it still, last time I tried to go online with this game it asked me to save some kind of 1MB patch, sucks that the 8MB memory card can save so very little.

I actually bought this game used at Gamestop while in my stay in Oregon its a game I thought I should own since my older brother said no to letting me have his copy of the game so it was best to just have my own copy of the game, and then I made a backup of it so I can play the fuck out of my backup.

But anyways this game is a little different as compared to Battlefront II due to many reasons, they added some really cool things to the second one but when you go from the second game to the first game you tend to see what was added and what wasn't added to the second game such as the crawling on the floor, and you can't do the forward roll like you could on the second game.

But the graphics and pretty much some of the sounds transfer over the only thing I glad didn't return were the levels where you had to fight Gungans, hearing their voices are so god damn annoying especially when you are trying to attack one. "Oh no.. Wesa being attacked" Also the lack of playable Jedi and villains is what makes the first Battlefront a bit boring if you played the 2nd one but never had the chance to play the 1st game.

It might just be me but when I played I found it very annoying that whenever I tried to attack enemies my fucking team just goes right in front of my beams and kill themselves and thus giving me a negative kill for them being fucking stupid.

But I enjoy it, the game is really fun and I think that I'll never NEVER grow tired of Battlefront like I've grown tired of some of my PS2 games that I have. I think in time once they come out with a third Battlefront for the PS3 it will be more popular on the next gen console giving players new abilities yet giving them yet again more ways to find glitches and flaws to get wins online.

But hey thank god Gamestop is good for something having all these good games to buy, I wouldn't recommend trading in your games though because I seriously think they suck at it, and they rip you off. I'm surprised that this game is 17 dollars when I bought it at Gamestop in Oregon, even the other day I saw this very same game yet the case was in better condition at the local Gamestop.

This game is definitely a buy if you enjoyed the Star Wars series and have yet to play the Battlefront games.

Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box

Decided to purchase The Ultimate Box on PS Store, it was worth the download but the game ended up being 3GB I know that it would of been better to just buy it off Amazon and get the disc based content but I figured I did not want to even go and purchase the game used at some Gamespot or have to wait a week until this game came in the mail from Amazon.

I've played previous Burnout games and it seemed that the only thing they did not seem to have were downloadable content from PSN or Live. So when I purchased it I had no idea what I was expecting, with The Ultimate Box you get a ton of extra content including Cop Cars, Toy Cars, Legendary Cars, Motorcycles and a few Boost Cars along with that.

Also you can download extra things to it as well such as a Party Pack which allows up to 8 Players in Single mode do various types of activities such as Speed Runs, Stunt Jumps or other things that will help you out at parties.

Also for the PlayStation 3 this game has the most trophies that I've ever seen on any kind of game. I pretty much have about 98% of the trophies this is excluding the Island pack which hasn't been released yet as of May 22nd, 2009. Only three trophies left for this game for me to get 100% until the Island pack which will set me back to 90%. I need to purchase a PlayStation Eye camera so I could take a mug shot to someone on an online game and have to take a picture of every person on the Party Pack this will eventually give me the Platinum trophy making it number 3.

Now back to the game. It's visually nice graphic wise, the cars are awesome and the sound is amazing. The best part about this game is if you get tired of the shitty music you can play your own music on the game it's best to make your own Play list so you're playing the game without having to worry about not running out of music that you play from within the PS3 hard drive.

Each event is at each intersection on the game, you get tons of different events the more events you finish or win it helps you out with getting a certain Driver's License, once you reach your Burnout License you can continue on to get the Elite License but that does take a lot of hard work which I have yet to accomplish on the game.

If you get tired of driving cars you can drive the many cars that the game offers such as Bikes and DLC cars that you purchase from PSN Store. This game is amazing and now I know why they are keeping it alive with DLC because it helps make the game better and better. Lots of people play this online too, so if you ever want to go online to play you'll never get tired of playing with different people, just make sure you know how to accept the Freeburn or Timed Challenges that the host puts up in the Lobby.

One last thing a hint for anyone reading this up to this point. If you do want to get all the Trophies on the game it's best not to use the Bike, as it glitches TWO trophies that require you to get a Platinum Trophy, those are winning 10 Freeburn Challenges and winning 10 Timed Challenges, the game requires a car for you to get those two trophies by using the Bike you just fucked your game up as it causes some sort of glitch which it doesn't give you the trophy for Timed or Freeburn challenge no matter how many challenges you complete you will not get the trophy because of this Bike glitch, they still haven't fixed it.

Best solution is to back your game up on a USB Flash Drive and then delete your old game on the PS3 Hard drive have a friend help you out with getting the two trophies, once you get them you can go back to having your old saved game back onto your PS3 so it will go back to the way it was.

Grand Theft Auto IV - Revisited

This time I have a video to help out the weird game play that this game still possesses. I haven't really gone back to playing online because I figured a lot of people would already be on Level 10 and deadly assassins. I think if I kept on doing the one Co-Op mission Hang Man's NOOSE I would of reached level 10 but its OK as I have other games to play besides GTA IV, this game was really my first game on my PS3 and so I played it to death I would still find it fun to play with friends online but they seem to be busy with other things like getting Burnout Paradise Trophies and things.

I've been playing another game that has been winning me over in the action adventure genre, that would be Saints Row 2 I'll have to get a video up of that soon but the reason why GTA IV lacks so much as compared to SR2 is that there's not much CO-OP feel. You get a chance to have three missions but that's not a enough to make this game gold with me. If they added a way of playing CO-OP with a friend then the game would surpass Saints Row 2.

There are still plenty of things to do on GTA IV but it really weighs out with both games. GTA IV has all the eye candy type graphics that make the game beautiful visually but when it comes to features Saints Row 2 beats the game to a pulp. You can do so much on the game such as mini games which can be addicting and funny I know GTA IV tried to pass off as a real life type game by adding all these physics and car damage but I feel that more and more people are taking notice to the fun factor of Saints Row 2 and leaving offline of GTA IV, I only heard that GTA IV's online is a ghost town and hardly anyone on there.

I also feel that if they brought the DLC that 360 has to PS3 then it would be great to have, I kept hearing rumor that their liscense for the DLC will end in sometime and that if they wanted to keep those rights they had to pay more money for it. I'm pretty sure that is just bullshit from PS3 fanboys but if it is true I'll definitely try to see if I can purchase it, since I already purchased a shit load of stuff for Burnout Paradise and Singstar.

Bear Gamer Intro

Thought I would design a gamer bear Intro for my videos on my GamerBears account on YouTube, I will pretty much use this on all my videos excluding DreamcastLover, and VideoGamerJunkie. Enjoy.

Beats of Rage - Sega Dreamcast

Those games that you never thought would make it to a Dreamcast or a PS2 really does. Beats of Rage, tons of people really wanted to see a Streets of Rage 4, but with the power of game design, and the ability to play burnt games on a Modded PS2 or a normal Dreamcast the ability to play this kind of game is not imaginary after all.

When I heard about this game Beats of Rage I had to search for it, since I knew Dreamcast would play burnt games without the use of a mod chip then I found this game and ended up downloading it.

The game looks just like Streets of Rage 2, even has some of the music tracks of the actual game, giving you a better remix with actual artists. The animation is amazing and it's a must download if you do have a Dreamcast lying around or even an emulator and a computer powerful enough to play it. (Kisses Dreamcast) I'll love it until it dies.

Though you could play this on a PS2 as well you might run into the problem of having to mod it first if you haven't already. I think it's good that the Dreamcast still lives on with it's amazing ability to play games then you can find those rare Dreamcast games that you've never even heard about, then your library just keeps growing and growing. NICE!

Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix (Dreamcast Edition) - Sega Dreamcast

I wasn't sure if this actually was released in the U.S. but the one I had was a Japanese version of the game which probably had less dance remixes, though that's probably because I played it on easy when I did the video capturing for it.

Don't you love it when you go to your local movie theater and they have some sort of Konami game playing out loud, then when you here that amazing chime when the Konami Logo pops up?

Then after that you hear that gay rave music in the background, I have no seen many people play this game, not sure if they still making them but I think they were releasing a new Disney version of Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii, expect to see shit from High School Musical, no Disneyland theme music like from the rides.

I'm so tired of that High School Musical bullshit! Ugh! But anyways enough about Disney this is about Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix Dreamcast Edition, damn what a long ass name for a game but I guess just making it DDR 2nd Mix Dream Edition is nice and sweet. Even though I wasn't even sure if this game was released in U.S. I figured I would play the Japan version, though I did not have the Dance Pad it probably would of been harder than doing it on the Dreamcast controller.

I really loved this game but I know my fat bear ass would have a mini attack half way through the song, I remember playing DDR at some small local amusement park, it got me all hot and bothered not only was it on in the Arcade Room but just dancing made things so UGH! lol but seriously this is an awesome game and I just wish I could of been able to play more of these games and possibly own sing star but I would feel embarrassed to even sing in my own house with my parents wondering around.

Donald Duck - Quack Attack! - Sega Dreamcast

I figured not only would it be nice to show off new PS3 or Wii games I figured I would show some games back from the past. Those games that you never would imagined playing when you had the older generation of consoles.

Though it was released on PS2, N64 and the original PlayStation this game is a classic, it was indeed released on the Sega Dreamcast a console that was just starting out in the next generation of consoles, the video was faster and the graphics seemed to be up to par.

When playing it on the older generation N64 and PSOne you could certainly tell a big difference in gameplay and perhaps video. Since the PSOne was able to play FMV the N64 could not thus it relied on 3D cut scenes to achieve something that the PSOne and then later on the Dreamcast could do.

This is for the Sega Dreamcast by the way I'm not going to talk about the N64 or even the PS2 even though the PS2 did improve in video quality during cut scenes. I think this game was very underrated but it's not really fitting for the hardcore gamer, if any of you were lucky to play it on either gaming console then you'll know how great it was to play the full game and understand how it was to play a full 3D Disney Adventure game.

Resident Evil (Remake) - Nintendo Gamecube

The game that started it all but remade to fit the standards of Gamecube's graphics and sound. This is probably the best looking Resident Evil game of the last generation of consoles. Sadly this game never made it to PlayStation 2 but it was on the Gamecube a system I didn't think too much of but I had the honor of playing it back when it first came out.

The environment was extremely well detailed maybe a little more detailed as most of the Resident Evil games out there with little to no movements. This is no Resident Evil 4, the graphics pretty much stayed the same way as the original Resident Evil game but gave it quite an interesting upgrade when it came to how the zombies moved, looked and attacked.

With the additional storyline that adds to the game you find out more about what's going on in the Spencer Estate Mansion and you learn more about some of the monsters including Lisa Trevor an experiment gone wrong. You even come across more areas in the mansion that the original never showed, like being able to go outside the back of the mansion or into the deep spooky woods of Raccoon Forest to find a strange cottage home of Lisa Trevor.

What I found most interesting is how the voice acting still sucks in the game, they could of hired a better experienced voice actor and actresses to play the parts, Wesker never sounded so original in my life even though Richard Waugh was not the one playing him I felt Wesker was just some typical asshole who wanted to create the most powerful biological weapon. I don't get how Richard Waugh plays Wesker in Resident Evil Zero but then a completely terrible voice actor voices him in Remake.

Once you beat the game you get some pretty awesome guns, and cool features like Forest chasing you around or more like stalking you around the mansion and you can't shoot him or else he'll explode because he has grenades around him making it impossible to even touch him. Another great part was the addition of the best fucking zombie ever the Crimson Head. Even though they are zombies that regenerate after they've been killed by the player they surely make an interesting appearance when you come across their dead body again later on in the game and they awake but faster, stronger and more creepy looking.

If they ever decide to make a Resident Evil 2 Remake from the looks of it they already decided to make Darkside Chronicles it is most likely we won't be seeing a RE 2 Remake, but if they did the gameplay they should use is from RE Remake that way it will look just like the original Resident Evil 2 game but with updated graphics, also they need to seriously take out that bad ass Leon rendering because in Resident Evil 2 on PS1 Leon looked so original he looked like he gave a rat's ass about people, but if they decide to make the Leon in Darkside Chronicles like the Leon Kennedy in Degeneration all hope will be lost. Could you imagine Leon being like that in DC? Ada is there holding on to dear life and Leon stands there and says "Let go, you lied to me you stupid bitch, I could care less about you Ada"

Leon isn't even sexy anymore he's so bitter that he makes Simon Cowell look like a positive person. Ditch that Leon Degeneration attitude and he'll be a liked character again.

Endless Ocean

Ah Endless Ocean that game that I bought for 30 bucks off Amazon. It was a really nice game but I found myself being bored to death with it, not only was I bored because I was playing by myself but nobody has the fucking game! I came real close to finally playing with someone on GayGamer but then his interest died down when he forgot all about the whole offer we even exchanged Friend Codes and I went on the game and added him, I went diving leaving up my Gate so he can come on down to my boat but it never happened.

There you go some game play video of me playing the damn thing, I'm not sure if Gamespot has better quality than YouTube, well I have both tons of gameplay on both YouTube and Gamespot so let the good times roll!

The game is very relaxing if you're suffering from some kind of stress like if you don't want to go around killing people on Saint's Row 2 or GTA 4 but you just want to relax than putting on this game may help you out with the stresses of every day life. The fun part is if you have an SD card you can put a few MP3 songs onto it and listen to your own soundtrack, pretty nifty huh? They need to put this feature on more Wii games as it's always lovely to be diving into the ocean listening to your own favorite songs or even music from other games.

The graphics are pretty nice for a Wii title, even though you can probably complete the game within a few hours if you play it non stop and know where to go in the game you're able to discover so many new areas within the game and if you go so fast within the game you're bound to miss a few secret things left on the ground like treasures, also the underwater pen is very useful if you decide to find somebody online to play it with. I only managed to play with 1 person on this game, the lack of communication is what killed the online experience for me, at least a keyboard or even an upgrade of Wii Speak would of been a nice addtion for this game, but then again you might come across some pedophile out there to get a hold of kids just like Animal Crossing...

Older people need to realize the rating says "E for Everyone" if it was just for kids then it would of read 'KO- Kid's Only" bastards how dare they call gamers pedophiles if they happen to be over the age of 18 and enjoy a kids game like Rayman Raving Rabbids.

PlayStation Home

Well I never could understand why Home was so popular, but many people say it's great when interacting with other PS3 gamers and be able to interact with someone and make a new friend instead of having someone mysteriously adding you when you have no idea who the hell they are. I think that when it comes to PlayStation Home it indeed makes things easier for you to interact with a friend by text or by using voice chat which seems to only work now in private areas (Apartment, Summer House) the only draw back is that there are things on this game that probably not many people would risk paying for such as a Summer House.

If you managed to take part in the Beta testing when Home was originally released you'd be lucky to get a great deal of items including a Summer House and the ability to make a Free Club. But now they screwed over the people who made Free Clubs and now they deleted them, having the person pay at least 4.99 or I think 5.99 to create a new club which gives you 30 members max and a club house with useless shit including the big screen TV in front of the room which hopefully will be put to good use later on in the future.

Another thing that sucks are the young little kids who love to fuck around on there, going around saying "Fags" to people, well when you look at the homophobes their avatar looks like a bigger queen than yours which is stupid, the report function hardly works unless at least 5 other people report the same person, thus giving you a warning, if you get reported many times there will be an invisible mod wondering around checking activity in that server it being the Bowling Alley, or the Plaza.

You'll know when a mod is near because if you make any kind of offensive thing that violates the TOS they will warn you, and if they continue to warn you through text then they start telling you that banning you from PS Home ruins your PlayStation Network account as well which means you can't use the PlayStation Store or buy shit because you were banned from it. So the mods are indeed watching your every step except for Private areas, it has not been confirmed if they are indeed spying on you and your privacy but you can never know until it finally happens.

Last week there was a small little get together if any of you who are apart of any gay community and was invited to this little party on Home would of attended an amazing event, the only bad thing is that whenever you arrived in the Gamer's Lounge you'd either be sent to a different server or you would of been sent to the right server where all the gays were. I wish there was a higher population of Bears on this or else we would of been able to get around and huddle in our little bear group and show those skinny bitches how a chub or a bear dances.

I only managed to capture the after party of the server I was in, while there are other videos floating around YouTube of different times of the party. You might catch me dancing at the beginning of the video. Enjoy.

Now on to other things. The only thing I don't like is that they have a poor selection of facial features, they have a beard but it's not as great looking as an average beard you'd see on a bear that might look realistic. Sony definitely has no idea how a REAL beard is suppose to look like, also they have no idea what the hell a goatee looks like either as they only give you facial features of a half goatee, a little beck of hair on the bottom of your chin, and a few other features, but NOT a full on goatee. FAIL!

It just feels that Sony took out all the best parts of Home and gave us an unfinished game where it takes FOREVER to get into a game of Pool or a game of Bowling where people will continue to play forever and ever to where you can NEVER have the chance to play with your friends.

Also it seems Japan has the best shit on Home while North America gets crap items and features, Europe has better shit than North America as well as they had this small little mini event where they let you go on a Treasure Hunt for codes, the only thing we got was some shitty Red Bull thing where you fly planes to get better times than your friends. Let's just hope they add the stuff we want like the music and video why have a TV in the club house if all it's going to do is just sit there.

I thought Sony was smarter than that to work around the copyright issue.

Resident Evil 5 Demo - PlayStation 3

I was surprised at how well the game looks, 360 had it's demo out almost two weeks ago while the PS3 was just getting it last week.

The demo gives you two things areas to play with, it doesn't tell you the whole entire story just that you already met Sheva and that you're already fighting against the villagers who spot you in a house during a cut scene. I was amazed at the graphics and the way the controls feel, the only thing I don't like is the shooting, you have to completely stand still in order to shoot and you're basically having to turn your aim over slowly when he's trying to shoot enemies that might be at the corner of him.

With Sheva she can be some use and help when telling you that you have guys behind you ready to attack you, but then other times she can really get in the way especially when running from the enemy, she might get caught up with a boss slamming her against the ground with his weapon or even a villager grabbing her and screaming for your help. It's almost like having Ashley but this time she helps you fight off the plague.

Also the bad part is that your partner will waste a lot of ammo and if you are low on ammo yourself the only best solution is to give her your ammo and just stab villagers to death with your knife. Conserving ammo is probably the key to staying alive but then again with Resident Evil 5 you still don't get that survival horror feeling when playing through as you're basically playing through the day again just like in Resident Evil 4, I think most of the new comers to the Resident Evil series like the RE 4 gameplay so it was no brainer that Resident Evil 5 would basically be a carbon copy of RE 4 but with beautiful graphics and stronger enemies.

Thank god that this is in Dolby Digital 5.1, though I'm sure if I had 7.1 it would be in Dolby Digital 7.1 as well. I seriously need to upgrade but within time I'm sure that things will change for me and I'll be upgrading my entertainment setup.

Woof???? Hello? Where Are The Bears!?

I've come to the conclusion and this seems to be a well known fact that most Bear Gamers are apart of the XBox 360 Live Community, I would understand someone who has all three consoles but prefers 360, but people who only prefer playing 360 and only has that system, oh my god such a fanboy. I would buy a 360 but seriously my friend's 360 died about four weeks ago to the Red Ring of Death, and I know Yellow Light of Death exists on PS3 but I'm rarely seeing people with this issue as compared to 360 owners.

I've gone on PlayStation Home and I've had a talk with my friend Jose who thinks that all the bears are hiding, I have no idea where he finds them but it's like every week I meet somebody who is a bear or a chub. It's nice to have him introduce me to people he meets on here but I must say that most of the bears I see on message boards such as they all are highly active on Xbox Live, which makes me believe why do bears prefer Live over PSN, is it because you pay for the membership, the games, they have more RPG games on 360 than PS3 but man give me a break PS3 is also fun too and with Home you're able to be apart of a digital online community where you can communicate through voice chat and text and play games with others and check out their apartment that they created.

It's like going into someone's house sitting down and talking to them about something. Calling all Gamer Bears where in the hell are you guys at?

Grand Theft Auto 4

I wasn't too sure how this game would be like with all the review of gamers showing complete negativity towards it, I know the game isn't perfect with the constant frame drops and laggy online play but I figured I would get use to it.

Plus what a great game to be in Dolby Digital 5.1 and not having to deal with that Dolby Pro Logic II shit you had to deal with on the Wii. The game sounds really nice especially when listening to music so you're not bothered by having to listen to the music coming from the back speakers and only on the front two speakers.

Some of the dialogue comes through the center channel mainly the cut scenes and characters that Niko calls on his cell phone but never Niko, he's played on the side speakers.

Anyways the sound is simply amazing just wish that it was louder so I didn't have to turn raise my volume up high but turn it down low when I fire a pistol or use an Assault Rifle. The graphics are great too but I wonder why the frames are so low when you speed up in a car. Not sure how the 360 version is but I've seen that it plays rather fast with frames per second. The game has only frozen on me once during a mission trying to save Roman from a factory, it kept sticking to the Loading screen for a good two minutes until I had to turn off the system.

I've also talked to one fellow bear gamer and he has the game but it just seems GTA 4 is not on everyone's gaming lists I wonder why, I've always been a fan of GTA series and I thought GTA 4 was really nice with the graphics and the realistic realism in the game like crashing your car and flying through the window or the helicopters basically losing their perpellers when they hit against a building or the ground.

I sort of like the police system but when you're in a high populated area like the second island it becomes harder to lose the police because it seems there are police on ground or on car that will locate you and thus restarting the big circle around your character.

The addition of trophies for the PS3 is nice but sadly I didn't make it in time to get the Liberty Minute Trophy as I fucked around too much and beat the game just last night, so now all I have to do are the stunts, the hidden packages which I finally figured out were the pigeons that you have to kill in certain areas of the city, about 200 hidden packages that is a lot of shit to be honest.

I don't have any videos to show you due to limited time of being busy, but I did record video but I find it time consuming to take it through Sony Vegas and then upload it to YouTube without having to deal with those errors like the video is too big or the video isn't right for YouTube, and since they have the whole copyright shit recording the game and having the music on the game might piss off record labels and cut my video because they heard Heart's Straight On and tell me I have to replace my audio with the song or delete the video. Fuckers....

But back to the game, the only serious frame drops I've experienced was when playing Free Mode on a game we went passed this factory I think it was where the pipes with fire coming out of it, all of a sudden our helicopter went out of control and we fell into the furnice and shit went down to 5 frames per second possibly 10 frames per second it was insane and it stayed like that until I died. I had to kill myself because it was that bad.

With about 20 minutes of figuring out about the mulitiplayer mode we had to use MAX amount of players so whoever I invite in the game would get invited when we start it and nobody else could join the game which was nice. It helps a lot when you just want to play with your friends on Free Mode. I just wish they had cops on Party Mode but I would understand why they don't have cops on it because you can go on a killing spree and not get killed by the cops.

It will take a while for me to get good on the deathmatches online as it seems people are extremely skilled and they can kill you with one bullet when they shoot at you, told to aim for the head and it makes it easier to kill your enemy, I do that but it's incredibly impossible to achieve.

Only beef I have with PS3 and GTA 4 is that they didn't put in game music which sucks because they let 360 freely do this, but then I read somewhere on a message board that only Microsoft has this ability and no other system. Well I guess that sucks, just wish Microsoft would stop giving head to all these gaming companies like Capcom, releasing RE5 early on 360 and we have to wait a week until it comes out on PS3. Such bullshit or even the downloadable game for GTA 4 Lost and Damned. PS3 will never see that ever, I will not buy a 360 just to play that game. I already sold my soul to Microsoft once with Vista, I refuse to do it with 360.