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Tomb Raider Anniversary - PlayStation 2 & 3

I figured I would talk about both Tomb Raider Anniversary for PlayStation 2 and for the PlayStation 3 as it's apart of the same game.

When I first bought Tomb Raider Anniversary I was expecting the game play to play just like Legend but with a few added stuff that Legend didn't have. Though I think they did remove the running at a high speed cause there was no need for Lara to run really fast on Anniversary.

If you played the game on your PC, original PlayStation or even Sega Saturn you would know that the graphics aren't up to par with today's standards since everyone has drenched themselves in the HD experience and some with the whole 3D gaming which to me is a huge waste of money.

Then you would find the first Tomb Raider to be horrible! But who would of thought they would remake the first Tomb Raider game and making Lara look sexy and hot and not ugly and with those horrible triangle boobs lol The music has changed but it still sounds the same but updated. Voice actress has changed but it's still the same chick who did Legend which is a plus cause I hate when they constantly change voices for Lara.

The PS2 version was ok, they did made one for the 360 which was better in graphics with HD and 5.1 surround sound but PS2 lacked a lot of those features so it was scaled down to SD but if you had your PS2 hooked up to a Progressive Scan TV then you could play the game with a bit more clarity. Wasn't much difference in detail and the Widescreen feature was lacking a bit.

The storyline is also the same but in the original game I thought there was Larson and the three dudes then Natlia but in the remake there are only two dudes and Larson. So where did her Magnum guns go? You get your weapons from the Skater dude, the big scary dude and Larson but the magnums are no where to be seen I kind of shook my head in confusion with that. Oh yeah if you care to watch a video of me playing Tomb Raider Anniversary for an hour then feel free to check it out below. I managed to upload videos from my broadcast so expect future updated entries of game play footage from me playing on :)

I really did enjoy it on PS2 but then when I seen that recently they came out with a PS3 version of it along with trophies, HD and Legend and Underworld I was set so I bought Tomb Raider Trilogy. Sadly people complained that you didn't get the Anniversary DLC that came with the 360 version people felt cheated. Well PS3 users did get a extra bonus since it was ONLY for PS3 and not 360.

The graphics for the PS3 look really good especially in 1080p, the sound is also Dolby Digital 5.1, only complaint I had with it was that the sound was WAY too loud it almost seemed like it was sound boosting and I barely had my receiver up all the way. I think Sony should continue releasing classic PS2 games but I think they only do it for trilogies like Tomb Raider, but then they also do like games that were popular on the PS2 but they try to change textures and make it widescreen. I think it's just another excuse for people to buy the same games with nothing new unless you care for getting easy trophies since the PS2 never had trophies.

The Tomb Raider games will always be a favorite just wish that they would remake a few Resident Evil games for the PS3 and 360.