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Bear Rant Friday

I always thought that there would be things that just piss me off about something. I love video games, I love the systems I get too but one system that just pisses me off is Nintendo Wii, it lacks so much with it's hardware but usually what it lacks in, makes up for it with games and the Nintendo Shop Channel. I love the use of the SD card features but there are times when you just get tired of having to move channels on and off the card which is annoying because you can't seem to play the games off the SD card which would be a huge plus with a Nintendo Update.

The graphics seem to be sort of ok with some games like Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. Brawl it seems that the graphics look promising, but lately you've seen so many lazy developers out there making crappy third party games which makes the Wii seem like just a regular kiddy system with the games that come out every month. Some of those graphics are so bad they look like a good PlayStation game.

Like I mention earlier in a previous blog spot I said that Nintendo has no idea what a community is. Even though they seem to be understanding it some what with Animal Crossing: City Folk it still requires that you use the Friend Code. Some people "LOVE" the friend code because it's the game's own unique code generated JUST for you. It gets annoying having to gather up all these friend codes when it would be so much better to just have one damn code so you can just add it once and not have to worry about it instead of having tons fucking codes to shift through and wonder "Wait a minute I added a friend code but I have no fucking idea who it is."

If Nintendo just got their act together when releasing this system, also if they understood with using Nintendo Shop Channel and the system only has what 512MB of system memory, they should of known that sooner or later that the SD cards and the damn internal memory wouldn't be enough to keep all those games organized. Also buying another SD card is not going to slow my problem that I have so many Virtual Console and WiiWare games. Nintendo yet again is fucking our asses with more accessories we have to buy in the future. Watch Nintendo release only a 4GB storage drive something so cheaply made that it's annoying to even buy a 4GB storage drive for 120 dollars. Rip off. Nintendo is so fucking lame sometimes, I just wish they treated their customers with a little more importance.


Now I can enjoy the experience of Next Gen consoles with the PS3. Don't get me wrong I love my Wii but the system is missing quite a lot. "Community" it seems Nintendo has no idea what that word means or how to incorporate it into it's new system. I think I should start something every Friday called "Bear Rant Fridays" where I rant about something in video games or stuff in general.

I got a PS3 for Christmas and only 1 game, I do plan to get more games for the PS3 because those demo downloads just don't cut it sometimes. Sadly from what I heard which confused me a great deal is stuff about the Core system and a different type of system, since this is the 80GB system, my friend told me to get the one with the Media Card slots, I couldn't really tell or even go talk to my Father about this issue since I have no idea how you would approach a store employee, I want the PS3 with the Metal like plastic with the Media Card stuff.

So when I opened it up and seen that it didn't have all that I was like "Fuck" but it's ok since I don't need an SD Card slot. It still has Ethernet port which is great since using the Wi-Fi connection seems to pump less Internet out of your system, with an Ethernet you get full speed from what I've seen with most connections. Though I don't have the fastest Internet running at home it usually takes an hour or so to download the huge demos.

I suppose the new 80GB doesn't have Backwards Compatilbity either which is ok because I'm guessing PS2 Emulation looks like shit which is why I left my PS2 there so when I get bored I can go back to playing my PS2. I seen that it plays PS1 games but the games look so pixalted and the screen moves a bit which makes the emulation TERRIBLE. I thought Sony would of learned by now that if you make perfect emulation for both three consoles the PS3 would be a smash hit with gamers thus sell more systems than 360. I must say the PS2 was a huge success in the gaming world towards it's release date and now because it's still selling systems and still selling games from what I hear.

This is the new home for my Dreamcast,

not sure where else to put it since my entire entertainment center is filled up with different types of shit, games, huge carrying cases for CD's and DVD's, the DVD collection. This is an older picture so ignore where the position of the Dreamcast is and the missing PS3.

So pretty much there is no other place to put my stuff at unless I throw some shit out, also my TV is already giving me a small amount of problems, I have a line on the upper left hand corner of the screen so that probably means my TV is almost going to be dying soon which sucks since new TV's cost a shit load of money. But now that I'm finally experiencing what the PS3 has to offer I'm really really loving it.

Star Wars Battlefront II

I had this game for a while now, I'm surprised that it's still online as most games as old as Battlefront II are now offline and have no more online play for players.

The graphics are really good, though PC can come out with amazing graphics and tons of mods and new things for the game. The PS2 version is still going strong, but it looks like the Xbox version of the game has already stopped it's last breathe with online play.

When you're playing online the game can get real challenging as it seems that everyone online is really good and you can't out smart anyone on the game as they will destroy your land mines and they will shoot you and know your tactics of trying to dodge their blasters or rockets.

If you have the PS2 headset you can easily hook it up through the USB port of your PS2 and hear your teammates and enemies speak. Though I've usually come across mostly hearing 13 year old kids it tends to get annoying hearing them using the homophobic slurs and the racist remarks to describe someone. This is pretty much no different from the type of things you'd hear from XBOX Live but it tends to feel that the kids act like kids on PS2 and the adults act like kids on XBOX Live.

With the use of Dobly Pro Logic II it helps the game sound twice as better with a Surround Sound System while you're playing online or playing single player mode.

Sometimes playing online can get very annoying at times when there are players who piss you off. Due to the server not having an update players have found ways of glitching in the game by putting things in corners to help them wall glitch while others find corners where you can use a rocket trooper to use their flying ability to go through ceilings and shoot any enemies through the wall. Some of the servers crack down on cheaters and glitchers while the official servers don't have this sort of rule so people can glitch all they want but it does piss off other people playing online.

The game is really good and not quite sure if they are still selling the game but right now it's the best Star Wars online game going right now as the other Star Wars games don't have online functionality.

Resident Evil Outbreak - PS2

This was probably the best online game I've played on the PS2. The gameplay and the four player action made up for the lag that you get when playing online. During this time I didn't have broadband connection so my only chance was to play offline with the one player. Once I got broadband I went online and started to play online.

The best thing about this is having friends you could go on with and play online. I met a few other people as well including a fellow Bear Gamer who I played with on Outbreak File 2. I do believe that RE Outbreak was probably the best outbreak because it had so much you could do plus the areas were really big compared to most of the levels of RE Outbreak File 2.

The game let you choose from 8 players each with their own ability to do something in the game which helped others get through some obstacles or certain items or unlock doors faster than shoulder tackling the door open.

My favorite character is possibly Yoko as she carries an extra four more slots than most of the other players, but with that advantage comes disadvantage as Yoko runs slower and takes damage three times as much as the rest of the characters. She does have a evade tactic which helps from dodging zombie attacks and from evading zombies on danger. Here are a few videos of me playing online.

With pretty much playing RE Outbreak to death they decided to come out with a new game called Resident Evil Outbreak File 2.

I think the U.S. version of this game lacked so many good things that they took out of the European and Japanese releases. They took out the character voices, developers thought that it would offend parents hearing Jim say "Fuck that shit" even though they shouldn't be buying their 14 year old Outbreak in the first place as it has a rating M which is not suitable for kids under 17 years old.

After about a year of the game being online Capcom finally took it down because they felt that not a lot of people played online but they were so wrong as there was still a huge community of gamers still playing online. With them shutting down File 2 it was only a matter of time when the first Outbreak game would see the same fate. A couple of months later they finally closed down Outbreak leaving Resident Evil fans speechless and angry, I was one of those fans as I knew that RE Outbreak was still a good game and I enjoyed playing it online it was the main reason why I bought the PS2 Network Adapter but now that it's offline I had to soon wait and play another game online.

I hear people saying that with PS3 and 360's Resident Evil 5 that you and a friend can play online, this might help a huge amount for any new Resident Evil fans who want to have a second chance of playing online with someone else. I can't wait for RE5 to come out.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed - Wii

It was really difficult for me to buy this game from Wal Mart, I had the money and felt that with 50 dollars what could go wrong. Well I enjoyed the game and the excellent use of the Wii Remote.

I was impressed with how the graphics looked, considering that they might almost be the same as compared to the PS2 version of the game. I enjoyed it being in Dolby Pro Logic II which gives the game amazing sound since there are things behind you that will trigger the back speakers.

What I really liked is that the enemies tend to talk shit or try to say something slick like "Bad Move Jedi!" the Star Wars games have really improved and since I don't have the 360 or PS3 version of this I can't really tell you how great those graphics really are on the system. The voice acting is somewhat OK the storyline is indeed good to watch as it tells the story of Darth Vader's secret apprentice.

I like the fact that you can choose an ending. I haven't played that Clone Wars game either on the Wii but I'm so glad that they have it only for the Wii so us Nintendo gamers can praise with cheer.

Only beef I had with this game is that I wish it had WIFI Connection for the Wii version so you could fight friends in battle or fight other people. This Nintendo friend code seems sort of dumb just to add someone that might not be on their Wii all the time.

Classic Gaming - Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit

I always figured why I kept going back to the classic games of the 90's. Though someone once said in the said that it's not a classic game unless it's open source or modded. I've seen people able to add modded things to the game and I'm sure anyone can design stuff for it they just need to have the knowledge of coding and design of elements on the game.

The soundtrack for this game is really nice as they had it somewhere on a website to download the music from the game, there were a few cheats within the game to unlock various different cars and even give the Police, Spanish, French or German language when they are screaming and yelling at you to stop. The reason why I found this game to being classic is because it sparks so much good sequels for the Need For Speed Trilogy which a couple of years later sparked an amazing sequel to Hot Pursuit. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 which was for the PS2, Xbox, and PC this game was amazing for it's time when it first hit the last generation of game consoles.

I even had a great pleasure of doing some game play video of it when I posted it on my YouTube account. It got a lot of views and the graphics, music and sound improved a great deal from the PlayStation One days.

Pretty much the games came and went, I think there were good Need For Speed games after that but after Most Wanted the game sort of turned in the wrong direction and seems to be keeping that way, I haven't played the new game Undercover yet but I assume it might just end up being just like Need For Speed Carbon where you have this hot looking chick and she tells you some bullshit story about you getting fucked over by the cops. That's why I always say you can never beat the classic games that use to come out for the older consoles like Nintendo (NES), Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo.

First Post

Well hopefully I can make this blog into some good posting about stuff I play and a few things about my gaming life. I figured that since I haven't been real active in the whole bear community I should at least show my love for the gaming world. Probably post some game reviews from classic games to new games and try to put in the whole bear mix of gaming.

Hopefully you guys like my blog to whoever ends up visiting this blog. :) Enjoy