PS3 Trophies


Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City

If you managed to get super tired of Grand Theft Auto IV, then probably the next GTA game would be to buy is Episodes From Liberty City two games for the price of one is always a good deal. These were the DLC that the Xbox 360 managed to have first on its system until Rockstar put them on the PC and the PS3. The Lost and Damned was the first DLC than followed by The Ballad of Gay Tony.

The Lost and Damned is a great game giving you the ability to try out new guns, probably a few new cars, and a whole lot of new music added to the radio stations. Some people have already become tired of Liberty City nothing new was added to Liberty City but just different safe houses and other things. I won't go too much into the story just that you get a chance to try out new Multiplayer things and then getting new missions and even racing with bikes and using weapons to knock guys off almost like a game of Road Rash. Anyone remember that game?

The 2nd game is The Ballad of Gay Tony probably my favorite one but getting the trophies on this are a bitch! Thank god I was able to get my Platinum trophy for GTA IV a couple of weeks ago, probably one of my finest Platinum trophies that I've earned, very time consuming. But I think once I beat the game I will enjoy all the stuff that is unlocked such as the weapons and a great feature which was added just for this DLC the sky diving feature where you can jump off buildings and have a parachute to help your fall land safely instead of jumping to your death. With a great deal of new weapons, night clubs, and hot music this DLC makes the game even more enjoyable than IV.

I'm still playing the Gay Tony haven't finished it yet but stuff still applies when going for the trophies if you use cheats during missions none of the missions will register with the Rockstar Social server so that is a negative, though some people don't even use cheats, sometimes getting 100% on each mission can be a fucking BITCH to accomplish.

Now that GTA Liberty City has been done to the ground the future is only full of rumors that GTA V will be set in San Andreas or even in Vice City. To be honest I think San Andreas deserves to be remade, Vice City has already been done twice so give San Andreas some room to spread its wings on this next GTA V.