PS3 Trophies


L.A. Noire - PlayStation 3

So there I was at Gamestop tapping my foot deciding if I should buy this game. The game has been out for quite some time now and I was looking at the cover and the price tag, $17.99. It's pre-owned and on PS3 and you know that with a PS3 game you have to be a real abuser of Blu-ray discs to scratch the shit out of the game so I knew the disc would be spotless. I already have a Powercard with Gamestop and I know it will save me some money probably bring it down to $16.99 or something.

I stood there for a good five minutes thinking to myself "Are there any better games than this?" The reason why I was extremely iffy about this game was an opinion from another Bear Gamer who told me he disliked the game a lot only because it was considered boring to him and that it wasn't "FUN" the whole interviewing process and looking to see if they're telling the truth or not was too frustrating for him.

I was just standing there hearing all the bad things he had for this game going through my head so I took the chance grabbed the case and gave it to the guy at the cashier. It wasn't the Complete Edition which had all the DLC but if I liked the game enough to purchase it I would pay the $11.99 for all of the content. So I went home and played the game, it seemed rather fun. Some of the reasons why I like this is because of old Los Angeles, old Hollywood back in the days when the Hollywood sign had Hollywoodland. It was just interesting if you look at Hollywood now it's considered Hollyweird and Los Angeles is becoming more and more ghetto by the minute so going back into the 1940's on this game was like heaven cause I would finally be able to find out how it looked and be able to be a cop from that era.

I didn't want to spoil myself by driving all through the entire map I stayed in Los Angeles and went around seeing places I've never heard of before this would be a huge history lesson for someone who wanted to learn about the famous landmarks from the 40's. The thing that made me think the PS3 version was far Superior than the 360 was the space. The PS3 version is one disc, all that shit including the face motion capture sequences all put onto one Blu-ray huge advantage for games that are requiring more than just a compressed 7GB DVD. 360 has what three DVD discs? It just feels that most new games will be holding back games for 2012 including GTA V. Time to ditch the 360 and concentrate on making for PS3.

As I progressed through the game it was becoming more and more harder for me to understand the whole interview process, I had trouble at first but then got the hang of it when I got promoted. The higher the promotion the more you got closer West, when I reached to the Hollywood police station I was in Vice cases which were more about drugs and other shit in the Hollywood area. The only person that caught my eye was Rusty, just had this thing about him that made me want to stare at his face and his voice mmmm... Even the actual actor who played him is extremely yummy. I think whenever I replayed the missions for Homicide I enjoyed Rusty and having him in the car with me.

Also while playing through the game it almost seemed like Rusty didn't give a shit about the person he knew they did it and sometimes even accused of the person of doing the murder or crime. Could you imagine him in bed? WOOF! The game was really good, I played this almost 8 hours a day and finally managed to reach Platinum trophy within 7 days, I liked it so much I ended up spending the money for the DLC. I suppose I now have the Complete Edition now still have to play the other case files and will enjoy doing it, though I am not sure that the DLC will have any kind of Homicide cases with Rusty in it! FUCK FUCK FUCK! I wanted more missions with him beating the shit out of the suspect.

I am actually coming to find out that this game sort of reminds me of Heavy Rain, but you're actually more in control of your character with L.A. Noire. With Heavy Rain it's like playing a long FMV scene and you had to press buttons to do this action. Even when you managed to control your character on Heavy Rain it felt like you couldn't go traveling around the area as much. With L.A. Noire you can travel within the map, have a lot of places to explore even realistic landmarks that were in the era. It's amazing that most of these landmarks are still standing today but probably not as fabulous and glamorous from what they looked like in the 1940's and 50's.

This game is not full of action packed guns blazing you should get a FPS for that, if you want a game that will make you think, investigate crime scenes then this game is definitely for you. If you played Heavy Rain and enjoyed it a lot then you will like this game for sure! I also found out just recently that the bear gamer who told me about how he hated L.A. Noire he never played Heavy Rain so does this mean that he might not enjoy games like this? It certainly answered a lot of things as to why he didn't enjoy this game, if he's never played Heavy Rain then he probably found this game boring for a reason.

I personally liked Heavy Rain except for trying to uncover all 18 endings that's when it got fucking ridiculous trying to do mistakes and crap just to get the 18th ending and the trophy for seeing all the endings. This game can certainly have the same out come but it all depends on the choices you make, the evidence you find and being able to learn how to find if someone is telling the truth during the interview process it all comes down to getting a good grade and finding the right person to blame the crime on. It might be frustrating at first but you will get the hang of it when you look for the clues that you couldn't find the first time playing... This is definitely worth the buy especially if it's at Gamestop for $17.99 GET THIS BITCH!