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Classic Gaming - D2 - Sega Dreamcast

This game was a real big time favorite on the Dreamcast, so many people NEVER played the original D so when they played this game they were like "OH MY GOD the original D sucks compared to this game" indeed it was true. D2 was light years more improved and different than it's original on the PlayStation, Saturn and PC.

Since this was ONLY released on the Sega Dreamcast nobody really had the chance to play it except for those who owned a Dreamcast, sadly the system didn't last for very long and copies of this game were VERY limited in the U.S.

I got my hands on a copy from a person off Amazon used. It was like $17.99 for what the person was offering, hardly any scratches on the game I've had it for so long and decided to play it and record some game footage. 22 minutes worth of game footage :) But it's mostly just the opening movie and some of the opening parts of the game. I haven't played it in so long I totally forgot how to play it lol

I will tell you the reason why some people would prefer this game over the first D game. It's because the first D game was done with almost 96% FMV, and the only things that you had to do was push directional buttons, open doors, turn cranks and that was pretty much it. There was no save feature for D, you had to pretty much play the game ALL the way through and without a guide on how to beat the game you might eventually be playing this for quite some time. I do have a small guide for the turning room which was a bitch if you didn't know how many times to turn the room.

D2 was so many miles ahead of D. The only FMV cut scenes you would see are during the beginning and ending. Most of it was all in game stuff, also it gave you the chance of going in first person and third person mode. I never was able to finish the game I guess it was busy I just got tired of playing it and the monsters kicked my ass majorly, playing a lot of PlayStation 3 and then degrading to Dreamcast is just weird for my hands especially when handling the Dreamcast controller.

We never did see a D3 come out, though during the process of D2 there was a totally different type of game but they later scraped it, I believe it was suppose to come out for 3DO but it never was released it looked scary too.

PlayStation should totally release D and D2 on PSN Store cause it would benefit so many people, but at the same time you're probably looking at almost 4GB download for D2 cause it was spread on almost 4 discs which was insane cause D2 was on 3 discs for the PlayStation.

I still can't manage to find D Original Soundtrack, would of been nice to find it if people still have their copy of D Director's Cut and the mini CD that came with it. I was thinking of making a D Complete Soundtrack and adding in one or two bonus tracks from D2. Yet that's a project that will take a long time, same thing when I did Silent Hill 3 & Silent Hill 4 Complete Soundtracks, most people weren't even happy with the outcome. How sad, can't please everyone it seems. :(