PS3 Trophies


Classic Gaming - Mortal Kombat 3 - PlayStation

When my brother got himself a PlayStation back in the mid 90's I was excited when I went to Blockbuster and saw this in the PlayStation section since there were only a few games released for it. I rented it took it to my brother's apartment popped it in. I was shocked to see it was just like the arcade, even had the music MK3 on the SNES never looked like this.

The game even had still pictures and the storyline which tells you about what you missed between MKII and MK3. It even opens up with that classic Raiden picture. I dug into the game and it felt so like the arcade even having that Cemetery level which was not on the SNES version. I always wondered why they never included it.

During the 90's load times were a regular thing for disc based games like PlayStation and Saturn it would take around 10 to 15 seconds to load even longer if the disc was damaged or scratched. Also depending on how old your PlayStation is the game would probably even load during fatalities just so it can process the data.

The arcade version never had this problem since it was just a single ROM being played but the music was compressed a bit and so it didn't sound as clear as the PS1's version of MK3.

The game does tend to get harder when you're fighting some of the bigger guys like the bosses. I can never be able to beat them without cheating. I guess when it comes to it the games are arcade like feel but the computer still cheats like a son of a bitch