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Classic Gaming - Mortal Kombat Trilogy - PlayStation

At the time this game coming out I was excited to see what characters were in the game, from what I read you could play with characters from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 even old characters like from Raiden and Kano from Mortal Kombat 1.

It even had stages from the older Mortal Kombat games. When I popped it in the character list was unlocked, I didn't know by pressing Select over Raiden or Kano you could switch from MK2 Raiden and MK1 Raiden and MK3 Kano and MK1 Kano.

You could even play Tournaments, and MK Two on Two Kombat which was only for two players but it was cool.

The bosses were also unlocked to and playable. Even had an easy way of unlocking cheats but there was not a whole lot of cheats out there. Mortal Kombat Trilogy lasted for a while until it was no longer a PS1 Exclusive it ended up coming out for Nintendo 64 and later on PC. The Nintendo 64 version didn't have the CD audio music but it gave people a new character. The graphics were also a bit dumbed down for Nintendo 64 as well which was normal since those N64 cartridges couldn't hold a large amount of data.

Seems that Mortal Kombat Trilogy was the last good Mortal Kombat game, then when they released Mortal Kombat 4 it all went down hill, not many people enjoyed the 3D aspect of Mortal Kombat but later people pulled out modded programs MUGEN which used Mortal Kombat's old engine which was fun since you could make new levels, create new fatalities and added your own music. Also add characters from other games to the mix as well. I wish a there were a few things they could of added to Mortal Kombat Trilogy but you can't do much when you are working with a CD with only a certain amount of information on it.

The audio on some of the levels were completely wrong this was probably due to not being able to fit more audio tracks into the disc so levels used MKII's or MK3's music especially the MK levels which went through a make over by taking out the old Shang Tsung sitting on his throne in the courtyard and putting Shao Kahn sitting there. I am sure if they were to release it again on the Next Gen consoles they would keep it all HD and make it look way better than the stuff on PlayStation One. Release it on both PS3 and 360, would get a lot of people buying it.